Dating Chat

Dating Chat is a great place for teenagers to meet who are interested in meeting other teenagers looking for romance. It's important to remember though, that just like the other free chat rooms for teens on Teen Chat Rooms, it is a room for teens and not adult chat. Therefore, it is important if you genuinely want to use this as a way to meet people your own age, that you follow the rules.

Dating Chat Features

We want our users to have a safe and enjoyable time here on the Dating Chat room at Free Teen Chatrooms. This is why we have made it simple and easy to get started. All you need to do is select for yourself a unique user name or nickname. Although using your name is fine, as each handle is given on a first come, first served basis, you may have to make your name more unique. Once you have a name though, you can begin chatting.

Dating Chat is laid out similarly to the other rooms here at Teen Chat Rooms and when you log on you will be taken to the main area. From here you will be able to see the number and name of users currently using the chat room. These are listed to the side of the screen. The user with the @ beside their name is the moderator, who is there to make sure the rules are followed and that everyone is safe. You can chat in the main room, which is recommended on your first visits, or chat privately with individuals to get to know them better.

Dating Chat Tips

New to online chat and dating chat rooms? Don't worry, as have some great tips for you. As highlighted above, it's recommended that you chat in the main area to begin with. Unsolicited private messages are against the rules in most online chat settings and even when they aren't directly against the rules, they are generally frowned upon. So, if you fancy chatting to someone in a more private setting, always ask permission to message them directly. Although this is a dating chat room, it's important to remember that inappropriate behaviour, nudity and acts of a sexual nature are not tolerated and if your behaviour is deemed inappropriate you may find that you are removed from the chat room and banned.

As a matter of safety, it is important that you limit the amount of personal details you give out in an online chat setting. Even at Dating Chat. By all means get to know one another though. If anyone is bothering you, make sure you inform a moderator and make use of the ignore function. You may eventually decide to meet up with someone you meet here. If and when that happens, you should follow safe practices such as not meeting up alone and only doing it in a public area. Dating chat can be a fun place to unwind for teen, so enjoy your time here.