College Chat

College Chat at Teen Chat Rooms is a great and completely free place online for teenagers attending college up and down the country to meet and get to know each other. Whether you are attending college in Scotland, England, Ireland or Wales, you are welcome here. Even if you are a teenager and not currently attending college, you are still able to join and may find it a great way to prepare yourself.

College Chat Features

At Free Teen Chatrooms we have tried to make it is simple, safe and secure for teenagers to meet similarly aged individuals that can get to know online. Therefore, to get started in the College Chat room it couldn't be easier. You are asked to pick your own unique nickname. Although your name is a good option, nicknames are given on a first come, first served basis - so you may have to make it a little bit more unique.

After you have an appropriate name and click to join College Chat you will be taken to main chat room area, where you will find the list of users down the side of the screen. The main, scrolling text is the chat room and at the bottom there is a text box where you can enter what you want to say. Users with @ before their nick are the mods and they keep order in the room and have the power remove troublesome individuals who don't follow the rules. Join in the chat in the main room, and if you wish to talk to anyone directly you can do so by clicking their name and selecting the message option.

College Chat Tips

If you're a first-time chatter, you may feel a little out of your depth. Don't worry, everyone was the same when they first started. Keep chat in the main area light and conversational. It is a good idea to introduce yourself and say hello to the users chatting in the main area. Although you should avoid sharing anything too personal, even if you strike up a good rapport with the users. Always take the time to read the rules. Even if you've read online chat room rules before, familiarise yourself with the ones specific to College Chat.

As is the case with all the free chat rooms here at Teen Chat Rooms, we do not tolerate disruptive, aggressive or offensive behaviour. Individuals doing so, will be removed from the chat room and may even face a ban from our services. Try to keep the discussions in the main area light, it can be a great place to discuss budgeting tips, study plans or things to do when you're a student living in a new town or city. If you want to have a more serious discussion, it may be best to enter a private chat. Ignore is a function you can use if someone is bothering you. Rather than allowing anything to escalate, you can inform a mod and simply click on a user's name and select ignore. You’ll no longer see what they say or receive messages from them. The most important tip we can give you is that you enjoy your time at College Chat.