Boys Chat

Our Boy's Chat teen chat room is perfect guys who want to make new male friends online, from up and down the country. It is a safe and easy to access place for all boys between the age of 13 and 19 years old. The free teen chat room specifically aimed at boys can be accessed via Teen Chat Rooms and to get started chatting about anything, from football to girls all you have to do is choose a unique nickname. Although these free chat rooms are aimed at teens from the UK, all are welcome to join in the fun banter and lively discussions.

Boys Chat Features

It's relatively easy to get into the free Boy's Chat room. The first thing you need to do is pick for yourself a unique nickname. Try to think of one that is not too specific and relevant to your life. Your nickname is like your online identity. Once you've settled on a name and it's been accepted, you can go right ahead and click through to the completely free Boy's Chat teen chat room.

Once you have clicked to join Boy's Chat that's where you'll be taken. You will see a list of names down the side of the screen and the text in the middle with a space for you to enter text too. The names are the users that are currently online. You can chat in the main room or if there is someone that you want to speak directly to, you simply click their nickname and select the option to message them. Some things to keep in mind - you will see a member with an @ in front of their nickname in the list of users. This is the teen chat room moderator. These individuals are there to not only help, but as their title suggests, moderate - we do not tolerate disruptive behaviour of any sort at Teen Chat Rooms.

Boys Chat Tips

If your visit to Boy's Chat at Teen Chat Rooms is your first dip into the online chat world, we have some great tips for you. Above all else you need to make sure you keep your conversations respectful and polite. Although banter and jokes are not bad, in the beginning when people are getting to know you it's best to stick to very basic conversations. Try introducing yourself and explaining a little about who you are, within reason, to break the ice. In the main area we prefer if chat is kept light and if you want to chat more seriously with someone, we recommend you take it to a private discussion.

Disruptive, aggressive or inappropriate behaviour of any kind is not tolerated in Boy's Chat or any of the free teen chat rooms available here at Teen Chat Rooms. You should always familiarise yourself to the specific rules for a room and as we want to make this a safe, secure and ultimately fun place to be, we will remove and ban any user who does not follow the rules. All forms of sexual behaviour and nudity are prohibited in Boy's Chat. Therefore, if you want to continue using this or the other teen chat options available at Teen Chat Rooms, you should avoid this kind of behaviour. Keep your private details private for your own safety. Most importantly of all, enjoy your time here at Boy’s Chat.