Welcome to Teen Chat Rooms. This is a great place for boys and girls of all ages to chat with likeminded people between the ages of 13 and 19 years old. We have ensured that it is a safe, secure and ultimately fun environment that is very easy to use and navigate around. We have several different rooms to choose from and they are all waiting to be accessed. Whether you are looking to chat to boys or girls, other college students or on the look for love, we have it all here. Although our chat rooms are designed for users from the UK, all are welcome.

Teen Chat Rooms Features

As noted above, we have tried to make Teen Chat Rooms a safe and easy to use environment for teens of all ages. There are several options open to you. The first thing you need to do to use our services is choose a unique nickname for yourself. Make sure you make it as unique as possible as names are awarded to those who choose them first. So, while your first name might be a good place to start, if it’s a common name, the chances are there’s already been a user who has snapped it up.

Once you’ve chosen a great name, you then have to choose the specific chat room that you are interested in visiting. At Teen Chat Rooms we have four options – Boys Chat, Girls Chat, College Chat and Dating Chat. Apart from the gender-specific rooms, access is open to anyone. We have users logging in all the time from all over Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. All free chatrooms are laid out the same with the usernames down the side and the main chatroom in the centre. Moderators are users with @ beside their name. They are there to ensure the rules are followed.

Teen Chat Rooms Tips

While we’re speaking of rules – it's crucial, before you start using any of our great rooms, that you familiarise yourself with the Teen Chat Rooms rules. Even if this is not your first time in an online teen chat room, it’s best to look at them. If you fail to follow the rules, you could lose access to our chatrooms. We do not tolerate, for instance, threatening, abusive, disruptive and suggestive behaviour. The sharing of nude images and other pornographic content is also prohibited, as is suggestive and sexual behaviour.

We ask therefore, that you keep chat polite, respectful and clean. Lively discussions and banter are acceptable, but it’s important to avoid things getting out of hand. It may also be worthwhile taking things to private if you want to discuss a serious issue. You can chat in the main room or in private. To chat privately, always make sure you get permission from the user first, then click their name and choose to message them directly. It goes without saying that you should avoid sharing anything too personal, particularly your address, bank account or other details. More than anything else though, when you are using Teen Chat Rooms, make sure you enjoy yourself.